About Us

EZ LIFT Rescue Systems designs, manufactures, sells, and services patient immobilization and lift systems that incorporate a unique patented lift and transport system designed to minimize the torque to the back. Founded in Park City Utah in 2011, EZ LIFT Rescue Systems’ mission is to provide breakthrough technology that reduces injuries to EMS Rescuers. 

The EZ LIFT Rescue System is a reinvention of the traditional backboard. With traditional backboards, rescuers lift from the ground, a position that puts rescuers at risk for injury from muscle strain and often, even more severe injuries to the lower back. The EZ LIFT Rescue system uses a patented handle design that allows EMS rescuers to lift from a safe lifting position near the knees. This eliminates the lift from the floor, dramatically reducing torque by more than 50% on the lower back where most injuries occurs.

The EZ LIFT Rescue Systemwas invented by Park City resident Dr. Robert Heck, an emergency room doctor with over two decades of experience. Dr. Heck, having witnessed scores of back injuries sustained by EMS Rescuers, developed the EZ LIFT Rescue System to solve the pervasive problem of on-the-job back injuries caused by lifting heavy patients from the ground.

About Us

Reducing Injuries.
Sure, we want you to buy the EZ LIFT Rescue System. We believe it will reduce injuries. But you need to know that even when you don't buy from us we'll be a source for training tips and advice to help you and your department reduce injuries. Your safety and helping our front line EMS Responders have a long a productive career is more important to us that sales. So come to us for advice or help anytime you think we can help, even when you're not buying.

There is no difference between what we say and what we do. We're committed to doing the right thing in every situation.

Innovation is a big, fat, generic concept at most big companies – one that doesn't have much behind it except marketing. The result is that new products are inevitably minor evolutions to existing product lines. But at EZ LIFT Rescue Systems we know that innovation doesn't just happen. Creating new products that deliver results requires a sense of urgency, personal ownership, and an authentic passion for creating awesome new products that don't just evolve but truly reinvent. Innovation is truly our passion and at EZ LIFT Rescue Systems we feed innovation by listening to our customers and team members. The result is our unparalleled ability for delivering methodically designed, painstakingly crafted solutions to the real world problems EMS Rescuers deal with every day. Our goal is nothing less than to provide you with products that reduce injuries to the EMS workforce.
Innovation is not just a word at EZ LIFT Rescue – it's our way of life.

Taking the Long Term View.
EZ LIFT Rescue Systems is here to stay. That means we take a long term view of our business and our engagement with customers. We are committed to educating our customers and allowing them to make decisions at their own pace. We know our products work and that, with time, we will see and experience the benefits of focusing on providing innovative, real world solutions that work.

Emotional Engagement.
We love everything about our job – the people we get to work with, the work you do, and the fact that what we do can make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. For you that means you get our best, every day, in every product and every engagement.

Community Building.
Communities are made stronger by leaders who support and engage their team and community in meaningful involvement. EZ LIFT Rescue Systems supports our national EMS Communities with our Corporate Giving Program. We support workforce development and education with student internships in every facet of our business. We support our local community by allowing our teammates time off to volunteer at their church or local organizations.

Made In the U.S.A.
Does Made In the U.S.A mean anything anymore? At EZ LIFT Rescue Systems we believe it does. To us Made In America signifies a level of quality and commitment that is important to each one of us. 100% of our products are developed and designed in Park City, Utah and every component, every assembly and all of our disposables are 100% American Made. When you buy an EZ LIFT Rescue System you are doing more than getting your crew out of the lift Danger Zone, you are supporting American workers in injection molding, assembly, stamping, printing, marketing, sales, engineering, ergonomics research, and shipping. You do your part every day by helping those in need. We'll keep doing ours by making the highest quality, most innovative products that are designed to reduce injuries to EMS Responders right here in the United States.

EZ LIFT Channel

  • ONE in FOUR EMS/Fire Rescuers will have their careers ended within the first four years of service due to a back injury.
  • Lifting represents at least 25% of back injuries for emergency rescue personnel
  • The average back injury claim costs upwards of $25,000
  • Serious cases often soar about $85,000 in costs