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Looking for more information or to evaluate our products?  Call us at (435) 214-7141 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time, or drop us a note using the email form below.

Are you ready for The EZ Lift Challenge? Check the box below if you want to take “The EZ LIFT Challenge” and we’ll be in contact right away. Provide us with some basic department statistics and by using industry averages for injury rates and their costs we’ll compute your departments total back injury costs. If we can’t show you that by using EZ LIFT RESCUE SYSTEM we will save your department money over and above the cost of the Systems, we’ll give you a System for FREE!

Don’t wait, you’ve got nothing to lose except backs, careers and money !


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  • ONE in FOUR EMS/Fire Rescuers will have their careers ended within the first four years of service due to a back injury.
  • Lifting represents at least 25% of back injuries for emergency rescue personnel
  • The average back injury claim costs upwards of $25,000
  • Serious cases often soar about $85,000 in costs