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Finally a Safer Way to Lift Patients.

Many EMS related injuries can be prevented. Improved training and improved tools can save backs and careers. Our revolutionary Rescue System takes your responders out of the Danger Zone.

The Problem

Most patients must be lifted and carried to the ambulance gurney. Stairs or steep and uneven terrain are not uncommon. Many times stairwells can only accomodate to responders and patients are getting heavier.

The Solution

The EZ LIFT Rescue System. Our exclusive XT Handles change the angle of the back while lifting thus dramatically reducing the load on the back, shoulders and knees.


Exclusive Retractable XT Handle.
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EMS Back Injury FACTS
  • 7x the national average.

  • Back and lower spine are the most common EMS injury.

  • Overexertion is the most common cause.

  • Lifting is the most common cause of overexertion.


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