All EZ LIFT Rescue Systems Products are warranted free from defects in material and
workmanship for two years, except:
• Soft goods (patient immobilization straps, head bed, and head strap), are warranted
for 30 days

  • Repairs are warranted for 90 days from the date of repair.
  • EZ Lift Rescue Systems will accept returned product during the warranty period and, at our option, may:
    • Repair damage;
    • Replace the product; or
    • Refund the original purchase price of the product.
This limited warranty applies only when the product is used as described in the instructions provided. The warranty for the product begins when the product is shipped from EZ LIFT Rescue Systems or when you receive it and have proof of delivery. Shipping charges are not covered by this limited warranty. EZ LIFT Rescue Systems is not liable for damage to the product during shipping or for damages sustained through improper use of the product.
EZ LIFT Channel

  • ONE in FOUR EMS/Fire Rescuers will have their careers ended within the first four years of service due to a back injury.
  • Lifting represents at least 25% of back injuries for emergency rescue personnel
  • The average back injury claim costs upwards of $25,000
  • Serious cases often soar about $85,000 in costs